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FireStopper International and FireStopper Chemicals and Technologies Company, Inc. created the quintessential firefighting and suppression technology for the 21st Century.
  • Technologies: FFC/EnviroSafe

  •   • Liquid and Clean • Non-Toxic
    • Non-Irritant
    • Environmentally Safe


  • The World’s First
    All Purpose Fire Extinguishers

FireStopper® Int'l Presents... Firefighting Vehicles

FIRESTOPPER® INTERNATIONAL is responsible for the manufacturing and marketing of fire vehicles and related special accessories. In addition to the vehicles pictured above, FireStopper also offers a 6x6 and 10x10 configuration, rounding off the full complement of fire vehicles, making available to the consumer the flexibility of choice to fit their purpose and budget. All vehicles are designed exclusively for use by the general fire services and FireStopper is committed to meet and solve any and all industry related demands without any limitations as to specifications and requirements whenever possible. Also, the International company is launching its Bio-Environmental Remedial Division, targeting Carbon Burning Energy Plants, Petrochemical and other industries for solutions to the elimination of pollutants into the environment via the ENVIRO-SAFE® product line.


  • FireStopper 4 x 4 Striker Vehicle

  • The Striker 4x4 all-wheel drive uses the unique TATRA independent suspension system - central backbone tube with swing half-axles, which is extremely resistant against torsion loads and bending stresses and makes it possible to negotiate difficult terrain and rough surfaces at higher speeds and better ride comfort than with a conventional chassis. The truck also adopts the latest development in the TATRA suspension design - TATRA combination suspension, using airbags and leaf springs. This type of suspension makes it possible to keep the superstructure without torsion.

  • All FireStopper® Trucks Are Built to Order.
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