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FireStopper International and FireStopper Chemicals and Technologies Company, Inc. created the quintessential firefighting and suppression technology for the 21st Century.
  • Technologies: FFC/EnviroSafe

  • • Liquid and Clean
  • • Non-Toxic
  • • Non-Irritant
  • •     Environmentally Safe Medium 


  • The World’s First Residential Kitchen (K)   Rated all purpose liquid fire Extinguisher

Company Overview

The FireStopper® group of companies pride themselves with the knowledge that they bring to the World a new, safe, reliable, planet responsible, economical and industry changing full spectrum firefighting technology and products.

With this responsibility, the Companies pledge to continue to develop and bring to market, a whole host of consumer and industrial products promising to revolutionize the firefighting industry and more ...

We welcome the visitor to explore our interactive site to further answer any questions relevant to our products and technology, and hope that the information contained within shall help to educate those seeking basic information on the Firefighting Industry.

FireStopper® is poised to serve and supply the world.

In the last 12 years FireStopper Chemicals & Technologies Company, Inc. dedicated their efforts to completing their initial R&D including the joint training and testing with the British Ministry of Defense. By 1999, the task was accomplished and as a result, their reputation preceded them creating instant demand for their products and technology.

  • Corporate Clients


  • Gloria, GmbH
  • DOD
  • U.K. Fire
  • Auto Racing Industry
  • Firemaster, UK
  • Jactone, UK
  • Saval, Holland
  • Protec Fire Service, Ireland, UK
  • Infrastructures
  • The Golden Gate Bridge
  • The Pentagon
  • Dartford Crossing, UK
  • Over 70% of the world's steel industry
  • Petrochemical Industry