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FireStopper International and FireStopper Chemicals and Technologies Company, Inc. created the quintessential firefighting and suppression technology for the 21st Century.
  • Technologies: FFC/EnviroSafe

  •   • Liquid and Clean • Non-Toxic
    • Non-Irritant
    • Environmentally Safe


  • The World’s First Residential Kitchen (K)   Rated all purpose liquid fire Extinguisher

Why Buy

In the advent of the current World economic and Environmental crisis, Commercial Interests, Industry and Governments are keenly aware that they must implement new and efficient methods of protecting the environment, infrastructure, assets, and reduce liability in all economic ways whenever possible.

The realization that the current methods and products employed to provide this level of service, without a doubt, fall short of their expectations and this level of service is no longer acceptable.

This new mindset of safety and preservation, now require that fire protection deliver, when ever possible, the prevention of total destruction of property and assets due to fire and that a vast reduction of collateral and subsequent damage is achieved when the needed service is activated. Moreover, an ECO-FRIENDLY approach to protecting the environment must be employed whenever a fire emergency is addressed.

FireStopper®, is the only Technology and Products that meet and deliver all the above requirements and more...

We welcome you to explore our site and partake of all the information about FireStopper®, and the fire prevention industry. You, the ultimate consumer, can now make an informed decision to insure the success of your future without suffering the ever-present potential destruction by fire and other related hazards.

"FireStopper® Bringing Firefighting into the 21st Century"℠

400ml & s400ml Personal Fire Extinguisher